Clear Water Ozarks // Affordable, 24 hr. Boat Rentals, delivered to your location on the lakes and rivers in the White River Chain!

Terms & Conditions

Appointment will be verified upon receipt of the payment via PayPal.

All rentals and sales are subject to regional sales, tourist and various other tax.

All deliveries will require an authorized individual to receive the delivery with photo ID. This only applies to initial delivery, driver and renter can negotiate on pick up location without renter being present for the actual pick up.

A “no show” will result in no refund whatsoever. In the event of a “no show” all retail items purchased will be shipped to the billing address given.

Launch / dock fees must be covered by the renter. Where applicable, it will not be covered by Clear Water Boat Rentals, LLC.


All shuttles of your gear and persons will be picked up at your take out and hauled and dropped to your launch site, so as to float/paddle back to your own vehicles.

all shuttles of involving our gear but your persons will be dropped at launch site picked up from take out and transported back to your own vehicle at launch site.


Cancellation requests received a week or more before the scheduled rental will be eligible for a full refund. If they are received within a week of rental, you will only be eligible for a refund of half the rented amount of the purchase.

Lost / Broken Items

we would like to stress that these being rentals, they are subject to wear and tear. thorough purchase, rental and maintenance records are kept, assuring you never pay for a worn out part. these terms and conditions are simply in place to protect us the property owners against extreme abuse or negligence and help provide you the customer with a quality maintained item.  

  • If we have to retrieve your vessel, you will be billed for a $100 retrieval fee.
  • If the hull is excessively damaged or you destroy the boat, you will be billed $400 for a kayak, $600 for a canoe and $800 for a paddle boat and be given the option to keep the boat.
  • If the boat is lost or stolen, you will be charged $400 for a kayak, $600 for a canoe, and $800 for a paddle boat.
  • if a kayak foot rest is broken you will be billed $35.00
  • if a kayak seat is broken you will be billed $35.00
  • If a canoe seat is broken, you will be charged $50
  • Lost lifejackets will incur a $35 / lifejacket fee.
  • Lost paddles will incur a $50 / paddle fee.
  • lost cable lock will incur a $35 / lock fee
  • If any part of paddle boat is broken that has to do with the pedal or drive system, you will be billed $100
  • If any part of steering mechanism is broken, you will only be charged $50
  • If the pick up / drop off location changes any time during the rental, you will be billed the minimum shuttle fee of $30.00.
  • if you damage the cooler door of a paddleboat you will be charged $50.00 for repair or replacement.
  • all fees will be billed the card and card holder of the original purchase.

Delivery Areas

We deliver to the following bodies of water:

  • Beaver Lake Area – all points in Benton and Carroll Counties
  • The White River from Beaver Dam to Tablerock Lake
  • All of Tablerock in Barry, Stone, and Taney Counties
  • The James River from O Highway Down Stream to Tablerock
  • The Kings River from 62 bridge downstream to Tablerock Lake
  • Taneycomo from Tablerock Dam to Powersite Dam
  • Bullshouls Lake from Powersite Dam and all other points in Taney and Boone Counties
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